The Trans Day of Visibility is an international event to complement the Transgender Day of Remembrance. We are focused on recognizing and celebrating trans lives and experiences.

Everyone is welcome! We are going to have a blast!

Special events include a  high-energy cocktail party with dj dance and fundraising - all proceeds to the DeFrank. The fabulous WooWoo Monroe will do her thing! Comedienne Ariel Smith will be back, pushing us to laughter. And the original steampunkish cellist and songwriter Unwoman will be singing. 

Workshops will include medical information (including Dr. Thomas Satterwhite of Brownstein & Crane), Friends & Lovers discussion, Living While Intersex, and more. Community resources from the Pink Spots to Transgress Press will be available in the ballroom. Plus: art * face painting * indie computer games *

Guests include *you,* the performers mentioned above, surgeons, and community activists. See the Roster

See the Schedule and Information pages for the latest details.